Why are kids becoming addictive to modern games?

You might have considered a question “Does a kid can have an addiction to video games?” for either someone you love or yourself. They’ve been playing for numerous hours and seem much more interested in a game than in what’s going on in actual life or in their school/college studies. A quick response to such a question is “yes an individual may become addicted to different video games”. Though it’s a quick answer, it doesn’t explain many of issues underlying concerns of different video game addiction. Few researchers are labeling such behavior it as “IAD or Internet Addiction Disorder”.

Expert of addiction knows that an individual can become dependent to many behaviors. Few behaviors have relatively higher addictive potential as compared to others. Any behaviors which can rapidly change our mental state and mood have a potential for an addiction. Since playing games usually includes repetitive performance routines to a degree that numerous other areas of a life of individuals are suffering, it shares things in common with many other addictions. One of the factors which make video games addictive is an action. Numerous video games have much faster action. When action quickly occurs, it functions to reward an individual who is playing a game. Much like the addiction of gambling an individual is stimulated by an action occurring and needs more. Despite all activity occurring on a screen, the real action is of course in one’s head. An individual devises ways to create action. Despite all activity observed on a control pad, action going on in one’s head is more intensive and even faster.

Releasegamestudio (4).jpgSince neurotransmitters are more influential than street drugs, mood change could be quite dramatic when a person is playing a video from http://www.releasegamestudio.com/. In numerous cases, the problem for a video gamer is more often linked with anxiety or depressed moods, despite a gameplay itself. It’s suspected that a video gamer is using their role-play to ‘self-medicate’ or to avoid unfriendly emotional mood states. If you stare a video game addict, you’ll see mood altering aspects of different video games. The release of neurotransmitters made a visible mood change and some change in their emotional thinking. Much like a person may become an addiction to a drug, they do so with self-produced chemicals. You’ll also see the addiction/drug seeking behaviors as well. Despite requesting for street drugs, they actively look for video games for their fix.

Unlike other street drugs, drug screen won’t offer indications of whether or not somebody is addicted to video games. An addition of all the sounds, lights and vibrations add to the level of stimulation. With an improvement in 3-D technology, stimulation level provided by games has also increased. Numerous gamers look for a total sensory experience. More potential sources of stimulation, better it will be. This wish for complete sensory experience is part of what inspires vibrating controllers, stereophonic sound, and three-dimensional effects.

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