Advantages of Gaming – Video and PC Games

New video and PC games aren’t just capable of providing excitement and fun for everybody, but for sure they can give few advantages and benefits. With the assistance of popularity and advanced technology, the gaming industry has expanded and advanced rapidly over past few years. If we’re searching for categorization of different videos games, they are divided into 8 major categories and all 8 are beautifully categorized on Release Game Studio.


These are the type of games that are fast paced and they might contain a huge amount of violence. Action games are normally inappropriate for kids especially for kids who are underage. Therefore parents are strongly suggested to look for appropriate games for their game when they are looking for a game. Such games also fall under the category known as “M” (also known as mature-rated).

Adventure and Role Playing

These are usually not as graphic as above mentioned category and can take the player into fantasy and surrealism. Although role-playing and adventure games normally contain violence, it isn’t found to be as intense as violence in different action games. Examples of such category are Final Fantasy, Borderlands 2, Billy Hatcher and much more.

Releasegamestudio (5).jpg

First Person Shooters

As the name implies, it’s a game in which a player sees action directly through the eyes of a character and involves the use of rifles and pistols to kill enemies. Because of the violence involved in such genre, they are also not suitable for younger kids. Examples are this category can be seen at the official website for Release Game Studio.

Construction and Management Simulation (CMS)

As the name suggests, in games belonging to such genre, players are expected to build, manage and expand communities and imaginary projects with very little amount of resources. Examples of such genre comprise the games that are also famous with the name of simulation games.


Here the accent is on strategy despite violence and such games are slower which provides a player plethora of time for strategic thinking, planning, and resource management to get the victory. Numerous are warfare based and so violence isn’t completely absent but because violence is not the primary thing so kids can also play under an adult supervision.


These are computer and video games that simulate actual world situations under the settings menu of a game. In Simulation category, three well-known games are Flight Simulators, Racing Simulators, and Sims. There are aplethora of games in this class to amuse kids.


This type of game consists of jumping between different suspended platforms of obstacles and varying heights and sometimes both in order to move forward in a game.


These video games are basically a class of games that need puzzle solving. The types of puzzles that have to be solved can also involve lots of problems solving skills like using logic, strategy, word completion sequence solving, and pattern recognition.

You can visit the official website for Release Game Studio if you wish to know more games under aforesaid categories because games which are available on this website and unique, full of fun and have exceptional graphics and sound play which makes these games one of its kind.

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